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  • Listening to: Tales songs~!
  • Reading: Fanfics/doujin!
  • Watching: GODZILLA!!!!!!!!!
  • Playing: Vesperia, Xillia...
  • Eating: ...........Depends
  • Drinking: Jasmine Green Tea~
Well, I shall start doing commission~ Yes, local and internationally =) 

*******All USD price not including postage+Shipping yet********

For sketches(comes in blue since I always sketch with this colour, but can be changed):


A5 = SGD5/USD4
A4 = SGD8/USD7

For inked sketches (can be any colour):


A5 = SGD10/USD9
A4 = SGD15/USD14
A3 = SGD20/USD19

For coloured (black&white/monochrome):


A5 = SGD15/USD14
A4 = SGD20/USD19
A3 = SGD25/ USD24

For coloured (Fully coloured character(s) + Background):


A5 = SGD20/USD19
A4 = SGD30/USD29
A3 = SGD40/ USD39

It can be portrait/landscape/half/three-quarters/full-body/etc, the prices are set. But if you buy more, the price is negotiable and depending on the images that you have requested. 


-For one drawing, the most is 2 characters. If wish to add on more characters, every count is + SGD2/USD2
-Any rating is fine. Could be NL, BL or GL (if do not know what these means, google it XD)
-For original character, please be very specific with your information. The best is that you provide your own sketches and all the details of them (360 degree view(front/side/back) colours/ any small details like accessories).
-For pairings... Okay, I am strict with this part...I really can't stand drawing my fav character as a pairing to another character, so I will list out some of the CP that I strictly won't change:

*Giotto/Tsunayoshi - Katekyo Hitman Reborn (You guys do know I'm strict about this CP >D But if you want 2727/27027, it's okay XD) 
*Roxas/Sora - Kingdom Hearts
*Flynn/Yuri - Tales of Vesperia
*Jude/Ludger - Tales of Xillia 2
*Asch/Luke - Tales of the Abyss
*Allen/Kanda - D.Gray-Man
*Kaito/Shinichi(Conan) - Detective Conan
*Yoru/Rikuo - Nurarihyon no mago
*Shion/Nezumi - NO.6
*Shiro/Kuro - K-project
*Jack/Oz - Pandora Hearts
*Rin/Yukio - Ao no Exorcist 
*Squall/Cloud - Final Fantasy Dissidia
*Lightning/Vanille - Final Fantasy XIII
*Makoto/Haru - Free!
*Atem/Yugi - Yugioh
*Haou/Judai - Yugioh GX
*A.Kite/Haseo - dotHack
*Judal/Aladdin or vice versa - Magi

Okay....that's a lot. But yeah, this is mostly the CP that I won't change, so don't tell me to mix either of them with someone else. >D Unless it is only as friends.

For most of the sketches will be drawn traditionally, but coloured will be digital. 
You may choose if you want it to be send to your doorstep or by email. It will be free delivery for local.

For lamination + SGD3/USD2

To request, send me a DA-note with the following details:

- Name
- Request (please include which category you want it to be done in. if you not sure which category the pic you wanted falls in, just link me an example from my gallery and I will see which it falls in to let you know the price.)
- E-mail address (for soft copy)
- Mailing address (for hard copy, unless you wish to receive in person for locals)
- Payment method (Bank Transfer or Meeting up(only for local or unless you are in Singapore)/Paypal (both local & International)
- Contact no. (optional) - recommended for local who are doing bank transfer

!!!!Please do note that, it will take time to draw everyone's request at a go. So the duration will be irregular, do not keep asking when the work will be done, I will try my best to get them done asap.!!!!!


Local and international buyers~!

Things that I'm selling:


Title : 「桂」
Pairing: GintokixKatsura
Language : English
Size : B5
Pages : 40
Price :: SGD15/USD12

Title : 大空をかける想い The Feeling that Transcends the Sky Vol.1
Pairing: GiottoTsuna
Language : English
Size : B5
Pages : 44
Price :: SGD12/USD8.5

Info of the book(KHR):

Title : 大空をかける想い The Feeling that Transcends the Sky Vol.2
Pairing: GiottoTsuna
Language : English
Size : B5
Pages : 52
Price :: SGD12/USD8.5

Title : 大空をかける想い The Feeling that Transcends the Sky Vol.3 (KHR)
Genre: Comic/BL
Pairing: GiottoTsuna
Language : English
Size : B5
Pages : 58
Price :: USD12(including shipping+postage)/SGD12

Title : Margerita Amore: GiottoTsuna Fiction Collection (KHR)
Genre: Novel with Pics/BL/M18
Pairing: GiottoTsuna/AllTsuna
Language : English
Size : A5
Pages : 149
Price :: USD20/SGD20

Title : Promise (KH BBS doujinshi Done by Semokan and I)
Genre: Comic/Light BL/Ventus centric 
Language : English
Size : B5
Pages : 36
Price :: USD20(including shipping+postage)/ SGD20

A4/A3 prints--->… (The comicsworld poster is out of print)

Gintama JOY A3 prints --->
Price: SGD$8

Gintama Strip Posters

Set A: GinTsura ver --->…
Set B: TakaKamui ver --->…
Set C: HijiOkita --->

Price: 1 piece - SGD$6/ 1 set of 2 - SGD$10

If you wish to make an order, please send me a note with the following information:

- Name
- Full mailing address + country (international)
- Payment method (Meeting up/Bank Transfer(only for local)/Paypal (both local & International)
- Paypal address (for Paypal users)
- Contact no. (optional) - recommended for local who are doing meeting up and bank transfer


My FF.Net account--->
My Youtube account--->


Alasse-Tasartir's Profile Picture
Alasse Tasartir
Artist | Student | Varied
Current Residence: Singapore. Jurong
Favourite genre of music: Anime songs! Game songs! Japanese songs!! Rock, pop, soft, instrumental, anything! As long it's nice and meaningful~
Favourite cartoon character: Kaito/Shinichi/Conan. Gintoki/Katsura.Tsuna/Giotto.Yuri/Flynn. Allen/Kanda.Sora/Roxas.Luke/Asch.Rikuo/Yoru.Jack/Oz.
Personal Quote: Eh?

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Aijinshi Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
I have a few questions if you're willing to answer them. How many BL and/or pure smut KHR Doujinshi, so far I've counted nine - Love Transcends Time 1, 2 and 3, The GioTsu Collection, Tanabata, Yaranaika, Replay, Red Packet and that one doujin that has Tsuna patching Gio up because he was protecting the brunette while said brunette has no memories to speak of but his name - do you have ready made? How would I be able to convince you to send me each copy of your KHR Doujins using the internet instead of snail mail after I have paid? How can I pay you for my desired purchases when I don't understand how to work, get or use paypal since I doubt you'll want me mailing it to you physically what with being in British Columbia, Canada while you're in Singapore? And last but not least how much would all this cost and would you be willing to accept your due in payments?
Alasse-Tasartir Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014  Student General Artist
Wow, that's a whole lot of questions.

1. I don't really get your first question on how many doujinshi did I made. If I had made them, I will put them online, if not, it just mean I did not want to post them.

2. I can send you the doujinshi (hard copy as in books) to you after you had made the payment using paypal since you are in another country. But please note that the only doujinshi I am selling for KHR are Love Transcends Time 1, 2 and 3 only. All the other short doujinshi will be what I've posted on the web. And I won't be giving out anymore smut pages due to people misusing it.

3. As to how to use paypal, please kindly go to the web. They will teach you, it is very easy. But if you mean not knowing how to use it to send me payment 
after getting an account for the web and linked it to your bank account,, I can teach you that. 

4. You will need to tell me what exactly do you wished to purchase before I can even tell you how much will it cost.

I think that should answer most of your questions.
TheWolfBunny Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014
Any Sailor Moon requests you'd like to do? I'm Patrick, but call me TheWolfBunny
AlaCherryCake Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello there you so need to draw more Arekan. I absolutedly love the way you draw that Pairing.^^
KairaPlatypus Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, I see you are into Kaishin and I love it too. They are just so perfect aren't they? 
SeonixxEdits Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Could you please watch me back? ^^
MyAoiChan Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Birthday! :iconblueheartplz:
LeafyRiu Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Happy birthday to you~~! ♥  ; w ;
inginuyasha Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014
Happy Birthday ^_^
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happy birthday!
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